Sunday, February 24, 2013

                                     ESPN retains the big east conference from NBC sports !

 After ESPN on Thursday matched NBC's offer of $20 million annually, the Big East on Saturday decided to stay with ESPN. In a statement, the league said, "ESPN has matched an offer and we look forward to continuing the relationship." (which dates to 1979) . So now the NBC Sports network has no choice but to wait for another big deal from a big power house conference from college sports conferences  . Because the next deal won't come until 2016 with the BIG 10 Conference . But either way ESPN is just to big to powerful and is the big daddy of them all (NBCSN CBSSN and FS1) . The one thing that separates ESPN  from the 3 other networks is that ESPN has been around the business for a long time and is a huge network and matching offers against them is very difficult to even try and place a bet against them . If I was the NBCSN I would look to NASCAR which expires from TNT this season and try to see if they can make an offer for NASCAR summer series against TNT. Also Fox deal with NASCAR expires after this season .In addition to that The NBC sports network would be the most watch sports cast during the summer when they have MLS , Indycar series , the triple crown (horse racing)  , le tour de france , and Golf  U.S open (maybe) . programs has been an issue for NBC sports network (for seck for the DAN Patrick show , that show is awesome) . the rest of the programs like the crossover and NBC SPORTS TALK ( which should be NBC SPORTS TALK CENTRAL) has to be a daily like ESPN Sports center and Sports Nation . they should also return the daily line and make it a debate show some what like ESPN first take ! Also Bob Costas tonight should be renamed to Bob Costas weekly (through weekdays and sunday mornings . which would bump up they're ratings if they ever what Fans wants to see. But we will see what the NBC and NBC Sports network from now on..

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